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Air freight

We offer Air freight package to assist you in shipping parcel across the globe faster.

Road freight

We ensure your Full-Truck-Load deliveries go smoothly from pick-up to delivery.


Our storage facilities comes with the latest security and fire prevention systems.

Ocean freight

We are sea transport specialists, we ensure your cargo reaches the right place.

Train freight

We offer competitive and seamless railway freight services across the US.

We offers a host of logistic management services and supply chain solutions. We provide innovative solutions with the best. Incididunt dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dolore magna Incididunt dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed dolore magna.

global service

We provide a worldwide import / export service that is completely customizable, offering everything from a full end-to-end service, to handling select aspects of your shipping needs.

Excellent packaging protection

Regardless of the size, type or value of the cargo to be shipped, Fast Courier, Delivery and Logistics will assist you in assessing the most efficient, secure and most economically viable option for your shipment.

Parcel Tracking support

With our state of the art tracking system, we are able to provide our clients with the fastest way to check the status of their shipments. Our online results give you real-time, detailed progress of your shipment.

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves on our availability to clients, and maintain constant communications via email and telephone. In addition, we provide a 24-hour emergency contact number.



Our mission

As a client-centered Logistics Company, our mission is to offer high-performance solutions that would exceed customer expectations through high quality service, cost control, continuous up-gradation of technology and development of our human capital.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in service quality. We will continuously challenge ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing leading edge solutions to their needs.



You can ship anything* but beware dangerous items such as explosives, guns, drugs etc cannot be delivered, you shouldn't be holding on to them too!

The status of the delivery will be updated via our tracking system. Our online results give you real-time, detailed progress of your shipment. So you'll definitely be able to track the progress of your shipment where ever and whenever.

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